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We feature and we welcome different types of gamer communities and we highlight the volunteer activities by members of those communities. Gamers from all walks of life, no matter how you identify, are invited to take part.

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Bas Hamer


About Bas:

Bas joined the world in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, in 1980. His first gaming experiences were with Digger on DOS. From Digger he graduated to strategy games on the PC, with favorites including Civilization, Colonization, Dune 2, Red Alert, and Total Annihilation. It was around this time that Bas also played his first tabletop game of Epic 40K. He went on to play Squats in 40K and Necromunda.

In 1996, Bas moved to the US and found acceptance in the gaming community in Boulder, Colorado. Over the years Bas has maintained his interest in tabletop and card games and he continues to host a bi-weekly board game night for his friends. Bas can also be found enjoying Infinity and co-op video games with friends, and watching professional DOTA 2 and Starcraft 2.  He travels on a regular basis to participate in US based conventions and events. And, in 2015 he will also be  headed to Spain for an Infinity Tournament.

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