new direction and a new site

new direction and a new site

The first 2 episodes of the new direction are out! It has been a long time coming, and finally it is here. Gamer Conversations is changing from focusing on the infinity community to being focused on an all inclusive view of gaming. In the coming weeks the site will be flushed out and more episodes […]

Gamer Conversations: Lazlo

This week we talk with Nestor about WCG and the WGC infinity group as well as his involvement as a warcor

Gamer Conversations: Thirteenpixels

This week we talk to Bill from Warsenal and how that company got founded.

Gamer Conversations: Dutch

This weeks guest is Jeremy Breckbill, Dutch on the forums. He is a One of the editors of N3 the new Infinity rulebook and we talk about the process of creating the new edtion. Join us as we dive into the playtest amd editing process that happened to make N3 what it is.

Gamer Conversations: IJW Wartrader

this weeks guest is Ian wood, IJW Wartrader on the forums. He is a Warcor, developer of YAMS and on the committee for his local gaming club. Join us as we talk about how the british gaming community is structured and how this has influenced how new games are spreading. We also talk about the […]

Gamer Conversations: Fithavil

Synopses: This week’s guest is Dexter Schiller, the #1 ITS ranked player in the US, co-founder of the Krug podcast and owner of Shark Mounted Lasers. We talk about how he got into the hobby, his start-up of Shark Mounted Lasers, and the small electrical fires it caused, as well as how he managed to […]

Gamer Conversations: Scorch

This weeks guest Thijs is one of the people behind Data-sphere and an Warcor in the Netherlands. Join us as we talk how he got into gaming, how Data-sphere got started and where it is going and talk about the community for infinity in the Netherlands, lets just say it has not much in common […]

Gamer Conversations: Schadelz

Todays guest is Tom Schadle, Shadlez  on the forums and one of the hosts of Mayacast. We talk about his history in podcasting, painting and his history in gaming. We cover the early days of O-12, the founding of Mayacast and what his plans are for the future of Mayacast.

Gamer Conversations: ToadChild

This weeks guest is ToadChild who is one of the developers behind MayaNet the army builder for the ipad. Listen to our conversations where we cover how he got involved in gaming, his involvement in MayaNet, playstyles and discuss some co-op video games. MayaNet:

Gamer Conversations: Nerm

Nirmal “Nim”, Nerm on the forums, from Canberra Australia is a Warcor and TO for Cancon; australias largest infinity tournament. Join us as we talk about the Australian community, tournament organizing and speculate about some of the drivers of the growth in the infinity community. Infinity australia on facebook